Do you have Special Branch Files that you wish to share with us? Do not hesitate to get in touch. We have listed some files below that we know have been released in the past – but files on other topics are welcome too!

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The following files have been shared with the Project, and will be published here in the near future.
Watch this space!

– Special Branch and Home Office files on demonstrations in 1968 and 1969 (released to Jac St John.
– Special Branch files relating to the 1972 miners strike (released by the Met to Solomon Hughes)
– Home Office files relating to Poll Tax Demos 1990 (released to Solomon Hughes)
– Personal protection files for Callaghan and Wilson (released by the Met to Martin Rosenbaum)
– Details regarding the Special Branch filing system (released by the Met to Solomon Hughes)

Wish List

From going through the disclosure files, we know the following files have been released by the Metropolitan Police under the FOI Act – but we don’t know to whom. If you would like to share these files via the Special Branch Files Project, or know of their whereabouts or contents, then please do contact us.

– Special Branch information on the Leveller (Partial disclosure made 17/05/2006)
Miners Strike (Full disclosure made 28/06/2005)
– All correspondence between MPS Chief Constables in East Midlands relating to Miners Strike 1984/85 (Full disclosure made 19/06/2006)
– Files relating to (S40 named Individual) and the opposition to the Falklands War (Partial disclosure made 30/10/2006)

Poll Tax Riot/Operation Carnaby (Partial disclosure made 04/02/2008)
Welling Riots, Duwayne Brooks, RG PH Arrests (Partial disclosure made 27/01/2007)

– Policing DSEi Arms Fair (Partial disclosure made 18/01/2006)
Stop the War demonstration/method (Full disclosure made 22/03/2007)
– Copies of all information relating to Critical Mass Cycle Demonstrations (Partial disclosure made 10/10/2005)

– Special Branch files on various demonstrations (Partial disclosure made 31/05/2006)
– Any files which refer to Ralph Miliband (Partial disclosure, date unknown)

Special Branch internal
– Documents released from Special Branch to the BBC (Partial disclosure made 08/05/2006)
– Details about transfer from Special Branch (Partial disclosure made 13/04/2005)
– Plans to merge Special Branch with the Security Service or another non-police agency (Partial disclosure made 03/08/2006)
– Special Branch ledgers and other documents (Full disclosure made 06/09/2006)
– Archives relating to Special Branch accounts, bank statements and cheques (Partial disclosure, date unknown)
– Information on staff working in Special Branch unit in 1982 (Partial disclosure, date unknown)

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